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Yet again we had to stop in to see our friends at Hippo. While putting in our upstairs TV, Jason was kind enough to check our system downstairs and agreed with me that the sound was not as good as it could have been. He spend some time really trying to figure out what the problem was. Low and behold it was not their equipment but speakers we were using that have just finally worn out. Off to Hippo’s we went. Al spend a good 45 minutes helping us pick out just the right speakers for our home. What I love about this place is the lack of pushy sales people. This staff loves their products. All of them. They are passionate about educating their customers. It’s not about how big a sale they can get…it’s about what works for that family. We are so appreciative of this group of people and continue to be so happy with the service and products that we have had TV’s put in two bedrooms, with a sound bar included in the Master bedroom, along with outdoor speakers and a complete system downstairs. It’s amazing and best of all (at over 60 years old) we can use everything without an issue. On top of that if we have questions they are more than happy to help us. Eugene has been amazing!! Thanks Hippo yet again!!!! –  Kim L.
I wanted to let you know that I had a very good experience buying a receiver and bookshelf speakers this last Saturday with Al. He introduced me to Totem Acoustic bookshelf speakers. He listened to the kind of equipment I was looking for and then took an hour explaining the company, the speakers, and the proper use of the product. I was always a bit intimidated by your store due to the brand names and fancy equipment but that all vanished as soon as I met your nice colleague I’m a customer for life. – Numan Rashid
…I’m happy to report that the staff at Hippo’s has so consistently delivered service which is so above and beyond the ordinary that I feel compelled to congratulate you on it. – A Happy Delmar Customer
I want you to know how please we were with the professional service of your delivery man, Carl. – Sally Houlow
We certainly did “shop around” but with my insistence came to Hippo’s before making a decision. From now on Hippo’s will be a one-stop shop for us. You know it all – we loved it! – Muriel, Chatham
Paul is great. We like how you fit the TV or system to the customer’s needs. It’s how retail should be done. It’s a pleasure to work with you folks.
Working with Paul is always a pleasure. Paul is a Professional and is very knowledgeable on the products. The installers did a great job and were very courteous. Thank you. – Bob, Loudonville
Staff seemed eager to assist, and conscious of existing space at the home so everything looks good in the long run! – Richard, Rensselaerville
JPaul and his staff were excellent, patient and knowledgeable! Asher was great!
We had a great experience. – Hugh, Coxsackie
Great job guys…my TV looks great on the wall! – Bruno, Waterford

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