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3 Reasons Why Motorized Blinds Are a Must in Modern Luxury Homes 

Elevate the comfort, luxury, and aesthetics of your home with high-tech shading solutions

Window treatments are sometimes overlooked elements of a home, but they are vital in enhancing a room’s design and comfort. While manual shades are popular because of their affordable prices, they are only less expensive because they lack the features that provide more convenience and luxury to your home. 

There are unique and compelling benefits of adding motorized blinds to your Albany, NY, home. Keep reading to learn how Hippo’s can elevate your spaces by installing automated window treatments. 

Controlling The Privacy and Lighting of Your Spaces Has Never Been So Easy

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually raising and closing your blinds whenever you need privacy or a change in the natural lighting of your home. With automated window treatments, you can easily adjust your shades to illuminate your home exactly when and how you want it. 

For example, with Hunter Douglas window treatments, you can easily control your shades through the PowerView App, the Pebble remote control, or by giving voice commands to Amazon Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. Create custom-tailored scenes to adjust your shades on your preferred positions, and then program these scenes to operate on their own throughout the day. Now sit back and enjoy the right ambiance for your everyday activities!

A Design That Keeps Your Children and Pets Completely Safe

The window treatment industry uses warning tags and labels on its products for a reason. In a house with pets or young children, corded blinds are potential hazards for dangers such as strangulation.

As an inherently cordless alternative, automated shades are the perfect risk-free option to keep your home looking stylish without worrying about the safety of your little ones. Plus, getting rid of messy, dangling cords will elevate your room’s design by giving your space a clean, polished appearance. 

Set the Temperature That Satisfies Your Needs

Being able to control the temperature and ambiance of your home is one of the greatest perks of automated shading. It is much harder to create the environment you need at home without window coverings because your heating and cooling energy are lost through the windows. 

By installing automated shading, you can keep your home cool on a hot summer day and maintain its warmth even in the harshest winter. Schedule proper times for your blinds to open or close, and invite natural sunlight into your home when needed.

At Hippo’s, we would love to help you find the best automated shades solution to enhance your lifestyle. Are you ready to incorporate high-tech window treatments? Reach out to us right here!