What is a “Smart Office”?

Smart office is a broad term that can apply to many different types of workspaces. We think of it as easy, all-purpose control that makes life simpler, increases productivity, and saves energy: all at the same time!
As the video conference takes a central role in everyday business, Hippo’s can design a state-of-the-art boardroom for any sized company. Our team of programmers can customize any boardroom, or whole office space to help your company increase your bottom line.

A complete office automation system includes and communicates smoothly and flawlessly. In a well-designed automation system, any single subsystem can operate independently. You can use a wireless touch panel, a wall mounted touch panel or keypad, or even an iPhone or iPad to tell your home automation system how to control your system..
Designing an automation system that meets your needs is a process that involves discovering how you will use your office and what is important to you and your company. Here, at Hippo’s, we can help make your office a Smart Office!