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Welcome to the finest selection of audio and video components from the world’s most innovative manufacturers. Within this section of our site you will find only the finest quality products. But don’t stop here, we invite you to visit us in person to try everything out.

4K Televisions


Modern 4K televisions come in a variety of screen sizes. With wide viewing angles, minimal light reflection and thin profiles they’re sure to live up to their job being the center of attention.

We carry 4K from:
Samsung | Sony | LG



The theater experience is only half complete without quality speakers. Bring out the full force of your movie’s effects along with the rich soul of your music collection and enjoy listening like you never have before.

We carry Speakers from:

B&W | GoldenEar | Sonance | PSB | Totem | Bluesound | Sonos | Magnepan



Choose from our many different headphones and you won’t be mistaken! Headphones are the 21st century’s way of listen to music all the time. When you enter the gym, there are treadmills filled with people wearing these devices. Morning runs, walking to class, or listening to your favorite music while your wife reads can all be pushed to the next level with headphones from Hippo’s.

We carry Headphones from:

B&W | Sony | Sennheiser | AudioQuest

Projection & Video Screens


Break the boundaries of television screen sizes by making a high definition video projector the star of your show. Projectors have a small footprint but give a huge impact in your home theater.

We carry Projectors and Video Screens from:

Sony | Epson | Stewart Filmscreens | Screen Innovations | Da-Lite

Media Servers

media server

Media servers let you create a library of your music and video collections all in one central location. Using intuitive on-screen controls and menus you can play content, make playlists, and even set parental controls for your children to use the system.

We carry Media Servers from:

Crestron | McIntosh | Bluesound

Home Automation & Control


A home control system keeps your home electronics at your command. Your electronics will function perfectly in sync all from one simple to use touch screen. Besides audio and video sources this control system will control many other things like lighting, motorized shades, and alarms.

Your touch screen is designed and programmed precisely to your needs. It integrates the control of your home electronics including every home theater and music component and your entire movie and music library (with the use of digital music and video servers). No more piles of remote controls with tiny buttons to navigate.

We carry Home Automation & Control components from:
Crestron | Universal Remote Control

Furniture & Accessories


Give your high-end audio video equipment the home it deserves! Our contemporary furniture gives your home theater the finishing touches that take it to the next level. Whether it’s individual component stands or complete custom racks and shelves, we’ve got you covered.

We carry Furniture & Accessories from:
Middle Atlantic | Salamander Designs | Sanus

Window Treatments

Window treatments complete the signature of any room. From fully automated shades to traditional shades, our experienced staff can help you create the room of your dreams.

We carry window treatments from:

HunterDouglas | Crestron | Lutron | QMotion



Lighting You can adjust all the switches in your home to set the mood. Or, you can hit one switch, set to multiple automated presents —and have the mood set for you. Whether you like areas of your home bright, warm or faded to perfection, Hippo’s can install a beautiful home lighting system that can do it all for you.

We carry lighting systems from:
Crestron | Lutron

Receivers, Separates, and MORE!


Your elite speakers and beautiful monitors need a strong signal fed to them in order to produce the best results. High performance audio and video components decode the audio from surround sound formats and send it out with proper amplification to your speakers and ensure you’re getting the best sound possible. We also carry devices that will allow music streaming throughout your whole house!

We carry receivers and more from:

McIntosh | Rotel | Parasound | NAD | Marantz | Sonos | Sony