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4 Ways to Control Your Smart Home

Control Your Home Your Way!

How would you like to manage your smart home? Some home automation solutions only give you one or two ways to control your smart devices and systems. Don’t settle for a few choices. Home automation is all about comfort, luxury, and convenience. And like your cake, you ought to get all that and enjoy it too! So let’s look at a few ways you can do smart home control in Saratoga, NY. 

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The App

Any smart device or home control system has an app. It’s a necessity when another control isn’t handy or you need to manage something when away from home. But apps should be more than glorified remote controls. They should give you extensive customizability, at-a-glance views of the status of things like smart locks and lights, and powerful abilities to create custom scenes for one-button control of many smart features at once. How about a picture of the actual room you’re controlling? That’s the level of customization you want for intuitive control of your home. 

The Hard Button Remote for Entertainment

Touchscreens are great, but sometimes you just want the tactile feedback only real buttons can provide. In particular, entertainment control is often easier by muscle memory, where your finger knows exactly where to tap the volume without looking. If your home control only manages smart entertainment via touchscreens, you might be missing out on the ease of use of custom remotes that gives you quick access to volume, track skipping, scrolling through content information, and more. Look for systems that give you the option!

Dedicated Touchscreens

What’s the difference between a dedicated touchscreen and an app? In truth, a good system design will make that experience very consistent. But a dedicated touchscreen is always ready to go, not bombarding you with notifications like a smartphone or tablet, or taking voice and video calls. It’s there to make it supremely easy to control your smart home, whether conveniently mounted on a wall or sitting on a tabletop. No worries about signing in, swiping away another app, or waking it up to manage your smart functions. 

Voice Control

Sometimes, hands are full, wet, or dirty. You just want to turn on a set of lights or start some music without touching anything. That’s where voice control comes in. With a simple command, you can direct your system to play specific music in the kitchen, brighten the lights, and turn down the thermostat. What could be more convenient or luxurious than that? Well, you can program your system to do several of those things at once with one command! That’s smart home control.

We’ll give you all the options to let you do smart home control your w. Let the experts at Hippo’s show you all the possibilities with smart home technology. Visit us, call us, or complete our online form to learn more.