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Add Drama and Flair to Your Home with Landscape Lighting

Don’t Let the Beauty of Your Property Go Unseen After Dark

You put significant time, money and effort into your home’s outside appearance. From the architecture to the manicured landscaping and specimen trees, your property stands out. But what happens after the sun goes down?

The beauty of many homes disappears after dark. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right landscape lighting plan, you can highlight your home’s best features at night, adding beauty, drama, and a healthy dose of safety as well. Hippo’s works with Coastal Source for landscape lighting that stands the test of time. Keep reading below for five ways to use Coastal Source landscape lighting to make your Latham, NY, home stand out elegantly in the night.

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Lighting  the Path

While aesthetics are important, lighting also adds safety. A well-lit path is safer to navigate, and proper lighting discourages unwanted guests. Coastal Source solid brass path lights provide subtle illumination to light paths while bathing adjacent shrubbery or flowers with just the right glow.

Highlight Details

One of the beauties of the night is that lighting can bring out a detail that might not get noticed in the overall view of the home by day. Coastal Source bullet lights are perfect for highlighting and accents; they can be aimed up to highlight a special tree, an architectural detail, or an outdoor sculpture. The bullet lights can be very focused or spread light over a wider circle. Coastal Source’s solid brass construction and patented Coastal Connector cabling system assure years of corrosion-free performance.

Wash the Walls and Gardens with Light

Wash lights are compact and have a variety of uses. Their size and light output allow for applications such as casting a soft glow over an interesting outside wall or part of a garden bed. Using reliable CREE LED technology built-in, these wash lights are built for years of efficient use.

Make Steps Float

Step lights can add dramatic effects – and a safety factor – to steps. You can light steps and give them a floating effect down to a pool or deck. Coastal Source step lights can be installed on the vertical rise of steps or along the side walls or handrails.

Create Effects

Coastal Source niche lights are small and particularly useful in tight spaces where you want almost invisible gentle lighting. You can nestle them discreetly in rocks or paths. Install them among rustic stone steps, or create a unique lighting effect on a deck. These flexible lights let you use your imagination to add flair to your outside space.

Are you ready to create a whole new nighttime perspective on your property with landscape lighting? At Hippo’s, we are passionate about providing technology solutions that fill your life with luxury, beauty, and convenience. Reach out to us to learn more!