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5 Real Benefits of Installing Landscape Lighting 

An upstate New York patio with a pergola, landscape lighting, and outdoor furniture.

Landscape Lighting Adds Curb Appeal, Safety, and More

The Lake George area is a beautiful place for homeowners who enjoy the stunning natural surroundings and the tranquility of the lake. Whether upstate New York is a seasonal home or your permanent residence, you can elevate your Lake George home’s appearance and functionality by installing landscape lighting. Let’s explore five benefits that make landscape lighting an intelligent choice for you and your family.


Add Drama and Flair to Your Home with Landscape Lighting

Coastal Source bullet lights illuminate trees surrounding a well-lit pool.

Don’t Let the Beauty of Your Property Go Unseen After Dark

You put significant time, money and effort into your home’s outside appearance. From the architecture to the manicured landscaping and specimen trees, your property stands out. But what happens after the sun goes down?

The beauty of many homes disappears after dark. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right landscape lighting plan, you can highlight your home’s best features at night, adding beauty, drama, and a healthy dose of safety as well. Hippo’s works with Coastal Source for landscape lighting that stands the test of time. Keep reading below for five ways to use Coastal Source landscape lighting to make your Latham, NY, home stand out elegantly in the night.