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How a Smart Office Can Improve Productivity

Woman sitting at a desk on a video conference call with a lamp on and second laptop on a stand.

The Remote Work Experiment is Over – Now Let’s Get Down to Business

During the pandemic, employers sent millions of workers to log in from home to keep them healthy. Employers feared productivity would sink, teams would not talk, and revenue would tumble. But, they found a surprising result – some employees performed their jobs better at home.

The remote work experiment uncovered some truths about the office place, one being that employees were finding it difficult to focus on their work through the noise and traffic of the office. Some individuals prefer to work alone in a quieter location, such as their home.

Now that teams can work remotely, the next challenge is how to add comfort to that experience. Smart office technology can bring additional convenience and day-to-day efficiency to the home office. So why have a plain office in your Latham-area home when you can have a smart office?