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Elevate Your Listening Experience with High-End Speakers

Speakers from KEF, Bowers and Wilkins, and Magnepan Let You Hear All the Nuance and Detail in Music

Some people are OK with listening to music on inexpensive headphones. Some rely on Bluetooth speakers or the convenience of Amazon Echo or Google Nest. Those are all expeditious choices, but if you’ve graduated from merely OK sound to desiring your music to be an experience, then you are ready for what high-end speakers can offer. Keep reading below to learn more about elevating the audio experience in your Latham, NY, home. 


How To Choose a High-End Speaker

Truth be told, there’s no right way to choose a high-end speaker. The best advice is to take your favorite music and listen to it on several brands and models. If you’ve ever heard some of it live, you might recall the experience, and you can listen carefully to see which one sounds best to you. Among high-end speaker brands like KEF, Bowers and Wilkins, and Magnepan, there are significant differences in speaker design and aesthetics. Each of them may have something they do better with certain music, like a prodigious bass response, an expressive midrange, or an unusually wide off-axis response (a wide listening sweet spot). Decide what you prioritize and choose the one that sounds best to you with a wide variety of recordings. 

Towers, Bookshelves, or Standmounts?

Bookshelf and standmount speakers might take up less space than tower speakers in some rooms. When looking at a speaker line from the same brands like KEF or B&W, the biggest difference in the speakers will be the bass response in towers and perhaps more drivers for the bass and midrange frequencies. If your room is smaller, you may not want or need tower speakers, as they might overwhelm the room and often need a reasonable amount of space from the wall to sound their best. A smaller bookshelf speaker can go on the proverbial bookshelf, but generally, they will sound best on a stand. 

Pair Speakers with the Right Electronics

High-end speakers tend to be more demanding of amplifier quality, especially electrostatic speakers like those from Magnepan. It’s not enough to buy high-end speakers; you have to pair them with the right level and quality of electronics, like components from NAD and McIntosh. You will hear the difference in detail, soundstage, and overall sonic impact of your music with a properly matched and set up system. 

Let the experts at Hippo’s show you all the possibilities with high-end audio and speakers. With the wide range of high-end audio brands we offer, we can design and install the right solution that fits your needs and lifestyle. Visit us, call us, or complete our online form to learn more!