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Here’s How a Smart Home System Will Enhance Your Lifestyle

Sit back and enjoy your home with the luxury and convenience only a smart home can bring

Your home should be a sanctuary of luxury and relaxation, where every little detail is customized to create a space that can satisfy your wants and needs. It should be a place where you can effortlessly control everything, whether it’s lighting, surveillance, entertainment, and more! Keep reading to learn more on how your smart home can add luxury to everyday life at your Clifton Park, NY home.

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Let There Be Light… And Control It All by Just Pressing a Button!

Have you ever noticed how important the lighting of your home is? With the proper lighting design, any room of your home can turn into a space of relaxation, the perfect scene for a cocktail hour or create the right mood for a cozy movie night. Through a central keypad or touch panel, you can activate preset scenes with many lights set to preferred settings, so your home can automatically have the perfect lighting at any time of the day.

Get to Dance Everywhere with a Whole House Audio System

Turn every space of your home into the perfect scene for a party! With a whole house audio system, you can listen to your favorite music, podcast, or radio station from anywhere in your home. Whether you want to play the same playlist in all rooms or have multiple listeners enjoy their content in different rooms, our multi-room stereo system allows you to control it through user-friendly wireless touch panels or your tablet and smartphone.

And don’t worry about technology intruding in your room design! Our experts will place top-quality speakers in walls, ceilings, or bookshelves, so your space can keep just the right aesthetic.

Keep Your Peace of Mind with a Top-Level Security System

Your home is not only a place where you can relax after a long day or gather with family and friends. It is also where you should feel the most secure and at peace. With our high-level security systems, you can enhance your family’s safety. Our experts can install a series of cameras in strategic locations inside and outside your home, which you can easily view from your TV or smart device. Get notifications when unusual activity occurs whether you are home or away and always know what’s happening at your home.

At Hippo’s, we are passionate about providing technology solutions that fill your life with luxury and convenience. Are you ready to turn your house into the smart home you deserve? Reach out to us to learn more!