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Unmatched Quality from a Home Theater Company

Image is of a blue leather sofa in a black and gray carpeted home theater.

Hippo’s Home Entertainment has one of the best customer service guarantees in the business

In Columbia County, Hippo’s Home Theater Company is a local contractor specializing in installing indoor and outdoor smart home theaters for New York residents. We have a reputation built on being one of the best home entertainment installation contractors in town. We are known for our commitment to embracing the latest trends and innovations in the industry and have a high customer satisfaction rating.


Transform Your Lake George Retreat with the Magic of Outdoor Audio 

A Sonance outdoor audio speaker nestled in the landscape of a Lake George home.

Experience a Symphony of Nature and Music with Sonance Outdoor Speakers

Imagine the gentle lapping of Lake George’s waters, the rustling leaves of the Adirondack Mountains, and your favorite tunes filling the air. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? If you’ve invested in creating a beautiful outdoor space at your New York home, why not take it to the next level with an outdoor audio system? An outdoor audio system can provide the soundtrack to your spring, summer, and fall days and nights, making your outdoor living spaces even more enjoyable.


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