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Why Coastal Source Is the Best Choice for Outdoor Audio

Coastal Source Blends High-Quality Performance with Longstanding Durability

When choosing an outdoor audio brand to elevate your New York backyard entertainment, look no further than the Bollard speaker line from Coastal Source, available at Hippo’s. Coastal Source has been engineering speakers for over 60 years and understands what it takes to build high-class, sought-after solutions for outdoor audio. Continue reading to learn about Coastal Source speakers and why they’re the best choice for your Columbia County backyard fun.

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High-Performance Audio Outdoors

Coastal Source is a leader in outdoor audio systems because they deliver excellence year after year. Their speakers provide hi-fi sound that is clear and balanced, suitable for all types of music genres. Whether you’re hosting a quiet dinner or a full-scale neighborhood party, Coastal Source maintains consistency in audio fidelity at any volume. Scale up or down to meet your backyard entertainment needs in the moment.

12.0 Line Source Bollard

The Coastal Source 12.0 Line Source Bollard offers the latest in speaker design, utilizing an advanced line array technology capable of delivering high-fidelity sound across long distances. This construction makes the Line Source Bollard great for larger properties. This speaker was designed with function and style in mind, as it is visually pleasing and can blend into any outdoor setting.

Durability and Reliability

Coastal Source makes its outdoor audio products with the outdoors in mind. Their systems leverage the natural acoustics of outdoor spaces to ensure that sound quality outside is always on point. These speakers are also built to last and withstand outdoor elements, ensuring their longevity and continued performance no matter what news the meteorologist delivers.

Easy Installation 

The Coastal Source speaker system was designed with a straightforward Plug+Play installation process. This user-friendly feature guarantees homeowners a reliable and stable connection that can be repeated as they add on to systems in the future. 

Wondering where to install your new outdoor speakers? This is also something Coastal Source’s designers considered with homeowners in mind. They offer superior flexibility with outdoor installations, never requiring anyone to drill through walls to achieve high performance. This flexibility allows homeowners to camouflage their speakers outdoors or arrange them in a clean design that won’t interfere with the beauty of nature.

Coastal Source Is a Sound Investment

Choosing Coastal Source speakers for your backyard entertainment means getting the highest-quality performance available today. These speakers were designed to bring homeowners joy when they’re outside, and they are a fantastic choice for doing just that.

If you’d like to learn more about Coastal Source speakers for your Columbia County home’s outdoor audio, contact us at Hippo’s, your local New York audio resource. We’d love to help you create the perfect backyard entertainment space, making every outside event enjoyable.