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Is It Time to Update Your Backyard Entertainment Options?

A Sonance Outdoor Speaker System Can Enhance Backyard Fun

Like many homeowners, you probably enjoy spending time in your backyard during the warmer months. Whether it’s hosting barbecues, playing yard games, swimming in the pool, or simply lounging with a good book, your backyard can be a great place to relax and unwind. However, consider some upgrades if your backyard entertainment options are getting stale or outdated. 

One place a homeowner can’t go wrong is with the addition of outdoor audio. Music adds fun to any gathering or activity, even if you’re spending the day trimming weeds. So let us help you choose an outdoor speaker system to enhance your special backyard time.

Continue reading to learn how the features of an outdoor speaker system can be the perfect addition to your Albany, NY, home’s backyard fun.

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The Sonance Landscape Series

The Sonance landscape series is a great outdoor speaker system made specifically for outdoor use. This is important because it means that these speakers were constructed with materials that can withstand natural weather elements like heat, cold, rain, dust, snow, etc. Sonance considered outdoor conditions when selecting materials and design techniques to ensure the speakers keep providing excellent sound for years to come.


Another nice feature of the Sonance landscape series is its convenient scalability, allowing you to adjust the number of speakers you use to suit your needs. For instance, if you have a smaller gathering, you may only require a few speakers, but if it’s a larger party, you may want more volume to span a larger area.

Sound Containment

With a triple-sealed speaker enclosure, Sonance speakers are designed to isolate sound directionally. This means there will be less chance of your audio enjoyment distracting nearby neighbors. 

Along with sound containment, you’ll also want some visual containment of speakers placed around your yard. The Sonance landscape series was designed to be mostly unnoticeable. With options to mount speakers with surface mounts or ground stakes, you can camouflage them with the landscaping, making no one the wiser.

High-Quality Audio

A Sonance outdoor speaker system will provide the highest-quality sound outdoors at any level. Choose from quiet background sounds while reading a book outside or hard-hitting jams while you tune up the lawnmower. Either way, the audio quality will be superior and rival indoor systems.

Is it time to update your outdoor entertainment options with a new outdoor speaker system from Sonance? If you’re ready to level up those family barbeques or backyard pool parties, be sure to contact us for more information. We’d love to share ideas and options to enhance outdoor entertainment at your Albany, NY, home.