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6 Reasons You’ll Love Lutron Motorized Shades

Lutron Motorized Shades Offer Style, Convenience, and Performance

Motorized shades are a must-have solution for the modern smart home. Adding power to window shades and treatments makes them far easier to operate with the touch of a button. You can forget about pulls, strings, and other manual controls; a quiet motor does the work for you!

When it comes to motorized shades and window treatments, Lutron stands out. The company is well-known for lighting control and automation, offering a complete solution for automated window treatments. Explore six reasons below that make Lutron motorized shades the go-to choice for your Albany, NY, home. 


Choices, Choices

You’re not limited by style with Lutron window treatments. The company offers eight motorized styles and over 1500 fabrics and materials. You can even use your own fabrics for Roman shades and drapery systems or print custom artwork on roller shades for another custom touch. There’s a Lutron shading solution for practically any window, from walls of glass to skylights. 

Wired or Wireless Installation

Lutron offers a large selection of wireless shading options as well as wired ones. Wireless, battery-powered solutions are ideal for retrofit installations without getting into walls. Wireless control through remote controls, apps, and home automation makes them easy to live with. Batteries can last for years, depending on the shade and how often they are used. Wired options are better for heavy drapery tracks and very large window treatments. 

Elegant Controls

Lutron offers a wide array of elegant programmable keypads that control shading and lighting. Handcrafted finishes and natural materials like glass, brass, and metal complement and elevate your interior decor. 

Exceptional Performance

Lutron motors are powerful, efficient, and quiet. The company’s unique Hembar Alignment uses an electronic eye to synchronize the movement of your shades. Press a button, and watch your shades rise or lower together like a ballet!

A Complete Solution

Lutron provides a complete motorized window treatment solution for a seamless experience. They design and manufacture their motors, controls, power supplies, and hardware, so everything is custom-tailored and not off-the-shelf. 

Smart Home Integration

Lutron provides its own system for controlling its shading and lighting solutions. But the company also makes it easy to integrate its solutions with more comprehensive home automation systems like Crestron. Your motorized shades can play a key role in your smart home by working together with lighting, HVAC, security, and entertainment to create a more efficient, comfortable, and secure home.

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