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Simplify Your Life with a Smart Home System

A Smart Home Should Make Things Easier

Are you often frustrated by technology? Unfortunately, many people are, including the tech-savvy. Part of the problem is that technology is integral to our daily lives yet has become increasingly complex. 

When it comes to smart home technology, we feel it should be simple. A smart home system should be easy to use with limited training, work reliably, and not make it more difficult to manage your home. Surprisingly, some solutions, especially DIY ones, fail to hit that mark. Here’s what you should expect from a smart home solution in your Albany, NY, home.


An Intuitive Experience

Don’t settle for confusing or hard-to-use interfaces. When you want to turn on a set of lights or start some music, you don’t want to dive into multiple interface layers to get to what you want. The best smart home interfaces have borrowed current design principles from the best smartphone apps. 

Your smart home experience should be simple and intuitive. Want to see that a smart lock door is secured? A simple glance at the icon should tell you. Similarly, a glance can tell you to what level your light is dimmed. You should be able to find your smart features organized by room, and a favorite smart scene (a sequence in smart home parlance) or light should be accessible front and center. 

A Personalized Experience

Little details go a long way toward better usability. For example, your smart home system can have a picture of the room you are controlling for easy navigation. In addition, you should be able to set your favorite lights, smart locks, and other devices for easy reference and control. You should also be able to create your own smart scenes by simply recording a set of actions and saving them. So if you want a custom sequence to happen with lights, temperature, and motorized window treatments when you are ready for bed, you can customize your own. 

A Complete Solution

Your smart home system should be a complete solution for managing your home. It should encompass lighting, motorized window treatments, climate control, entertainment, security, and more. It should also seamlessly orchestrate all these to work together without fuss. And it should have options for extra things you might want, like intelligent voice control. After all, a smart home system should fit into your lifestyle and adapt to what you need. Of course, it should also do these things with proper safeguards for your privacy and security.

Let the experts at Hippo’s show you all the possibilities with smart home system technology. We can design and install the right solution that fits your needs and lifestyle. Visit us, call us, or complete our online form to learn more!