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Ease of Living and Whole-Home Automation Systems

Two people sitting in a living room with the fireplace lit, a TV depicting skiing, and Josh.ai’s control on the wall.

Explore the Latest Technology in Smart Home Living

Do you remember life before smartphones? If you’re one of the younger generations, there’s no such thing, but there was a time when there was no Internet, apps, or Google Maps. Astonishing. 

The point of this history lesson is that, someday, we’ll look back on whole-home automation systems in much the same way. New York’s younger generations will look incredulous when you tell them you had to raise the shades manually, turn off the lights via a light switch in every room, and get up from the couch to lock the doors. What?

Today’s whole-home automation systems have transformed everyday living, and we’re exceptionally grateful to be a part of our clients’ enhanced lifestyles. Let’s explore what smart home living and the latest technology bring to Albany.