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Ease of Living and Whole-Home Automation Systems

Explore the Latest Technology in Smart Home Living

Do you remember life before smartphones? If you’re one of the younger generations, there’s no such thing, but there was a time when there was no Internet, apps, or Google Maps. Astonishing. 

The point of this history lesson is that, someday, we’ll look back on whole-home automation systems in much the same way. New York’s younger generations will look incredulous when you tell them you had to raise the shades manually, turn off the lights via a light switch in every room, and get up from the couch to lock the doors. What?

Today’s whole-home automation systems have transformed everyday living, and we’re exceptionally grateful to be a part of our clients’ enhanced lifestyles. Let’s explore what smart home living and the latest technology bring to Albany.

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Managing Your Home with One Touch

The makings of whole-home automation include the many connected systems and devices and a platform that manages them all. You experience one-touch control of your lighting, climate, entertainment, security, and more through user-friendly interfaces, such as keypads and touchscreens. 

We’ll also program buttons that control your entire home with one tap. ‘Entertain,’ ‘Good Morning,’ Good Night,’ ‘Dining,’ ‘Movie Night,’ ‘Relaxing,’ and many more create the perfect setting for the activity. 

And it gets even better. 

Ketra Lighting

About five years ago, when Lutron, the leader in smart lighting control, acquired Ketra, they transformed what’s possible. Ketra revolutionized tunable LED technology, creating an infinite palate of high-performance lighting. Lutron offered effortless control. Now, we can craft the perfect environments using over 16 million colors.

Their advanced dynamic spectrum lets you set the mood with enchanting cool moonlight to arctic blue and indigo. Their natural lighting matches the color of the changing light outdoors. You wake to light that resembles the cool blue dawn and relax at day’s end, surrounded by the amber glow of sunset. In the process, your internal time clock realigns, offering energy during the day and relaxation in the evening.

But wait, it gets even better.

Josh.ai Voice Control

Unlike other voice assistants, Josh.ai was born to control smart homes, managing your smart devices with one word or phrase. For instance, at the end of a long day, say, “Josh, I’d like to relax.” Josh turns on your relaxing playlist via your whole-home audio system, heats the spa, and illuminates the landscape lights

Tell Josh to turn on your favorite Netflix series and start the fireplace, and it knows which room you’re in and what show you’re referring to. That’s because the “ai” in Josh.ai stands for artificial intelligence. Do you want to change the lighting to one of the million-plus colors Ketra offers? Josh knows them all. So, when you tell it to set the lights to cyan, it knows you mean the blue-green color of the Caribbean Sea. 

An Experience

As you can imagine, explaining this technology doesn’t do it justice. To truly live the experience, we invite you to our showroom, incorporating home automation, Ketra, Josh.ai, and the latest audio-video technology. To learn more about whole-home automation systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Hippo’s today.