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How Best to Automate Your Motorized Shades

Integrate Lutron’s Smart Shades with Crestron for Unparalleled Home Control & Automation

No fully automated smart home would be complete without Lutron motorized shades, and if you are in Lake George or anywhere else in New York State, Hippo’s Home Entertainment can install them for you. We can also do a whole lot more, like automate lighting and shading through Crestron Home. And why exactly would you want to do that? 

Read on to learn how the combination of Lutron motorized shades and Crestron automation give you unparalleled control over your smart home. 

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Lutron: Beauty & Engineering 

There is no name like Lutron in lighting and shading control. To see why, we need only to look at their top-of-the-line motorized window treatment, the Palladiom Shading System. Palladiom shades are designed to be seen, featuring exposed aluminum brackets, dozens of designer fabrics to choose from, and sleek, modern control interfaces. They are also hyper quiet, and like all other Lutron shades, will self align across an entire home down to an eighth of an inch. 

Palladiom shades integrate seamlessly with other systems as well, and may be automated to create a highly efficient climate control system. And speaking of integration, let’s explore the relationship between Lutron and Crestron in more detail. 

Seamless Integration with Crestron 

Lutron and Crestron have formed an alliance to bring the best of both companies to smart homes across the world. Today, it is easier than ever to integrate Lutron control systems, such as HomeWorks, with the Crestron Home OS. How does it work? Crestron Home now automatically detects Lutron products on the home network, allowing all lighting and shading control to take place directly on Crestron touch screens or smart devices. That means one app, and one tap, to control light across your entire home!

Among the advantages of this seamless integration is the ease to recall preprogrammed lighting scenes along with other systems. For example, selecting an entertainment scene on your smartphone’s Crestron Home app will dim the lights and lower the shades in the media room, turn on all AV systems, and even lower the temperature to “freezing” for a realistic theater experience… or to the perfect temperature for you and your family; whichever you prefer! 

A Professional Installation to Match

Automating a smart home down to the last window is a lot harder than you may think, especially if you want every technology system to work as it should. That’s where we come in. With the right brands and a team of expert installers already in tow, all you need is to contact us so we can get started!