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Do You Need Smart Home Window Treatments?

How Technology Can Redefine How You Relax and Work at Home

When you embrace smart technology, you will find solutions that surpass the simple “cool” factor and impact the convenience and function of your home. Even something as simple as window treatments can go from something nice to look at to an item of convenience, comfort, and control.  

Cords can be a struggle, so can manually adjusting curtains or blinds. Why is something meant to provide access to light or privacy such a hassle? With smart home window treatments, you can replace those frustrations with a smooth and seamless automated solution that enhances your home’s functionality and style. Let us show you how smart window treatments can redefine how you relax and work in each space in your Columbia County, NY home.


3 Reasons Why Motorized Blinds Are a Must in Modern Luxury Homes 

Elevate the comfort, luxury, and aesthetics of your home with high-tech shading solutions

Window treatments are sometimes overlooked elements of a home, but they are vital in enhancing a room’s design and comfort. While manual shades are popular because of their affordable prices, they are only less expensive because they lack the features that provide more convenience and luxury to your home. 

There are unique and compelling benefits of adding motorized blinds to your Albany, NY, home. Keep reading to learn how Hippo’s can elevate your spaces by installing automated window treatments.