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Find Luxury with Lutron’s Lineup of Smart Switches and Dimmers

Choose the Best Lutron Lighting Controls for Your Home

Are you tired of looking at outdated and unappealing light switches in your home? Did you know that smart switches and dimmers from Lutron are beautiful and can match your home’s decor? When you’re ready to look at switch options, don’t let yourself be limited in design or style. Our team can help you explore many options available from Lutron to get the look you want. 

In addition to beautiful switches and dimmers, Lutron’s lighting lineup includes the latest Wi-Fi and smart home technology. With Lutron, we can help you find luxury in something as simple as a light switch.

Continue reading to learn more about the Lutron smart switch and dimmer options perfect for your Latham-area home. 

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Lutron’s newest keypad is the Sunnata RF. It offers a wide range of features that make controlling your lights and personalized scenes easier. Some of the key elements of Sunnata include:

  • Dimming and keypad controls that allow you to manage multiple lights at once.
  • Capability to program up to four customizable scenes.
  • Ability to adjust light levels with an intuitive touch slider.
  • Easy integration with other Lutron systems such as Caseta Wireless, RA2 Select, RadioRA2, or RadioRA3.
  • A variety of color and finish options, including button customization.
  • A LED light bar design that makes Sunnata switches easier to locate in the dark.


The Diva keypad is designed for convenience, featuring a large paddle switch and a small side slider for simple light control. Homeowners can select between one and six buttons on a gang plate, and wallplates come in many different finishes, such as gloss, satin, and stainless steel. Unfortunately, while Diva offers a basic range of smart switch capabilities, it is not compatible with engraving or customization options like other models in the Lutron lineup.


The Maestro provides superior light control with sophisticated programming options, like connecting switches to fans, sensors, or timers. Plus, dimmers are equipped with a delayed fade-off feature, giving you enough time to leave the room before it goes dark. The Maestro is available in sizes up to six switches on a gang plate and operates with a tap switch and a rocker dimmer that enables you to adjust light levels easily.

Grafik T

With the Grafik T dimmer and switch, you can experience a new level of modern home luxury. The sleek light bar design is minimalistic yet stylish. There are no confusing knobs, sliders, or buttons—just a simple touch of the light bar can easily adjust lights to any level you desire. The Grafik T comes in various colors and finishes, such as glass and metal. Plus, it features LED+ technology, which means bulbs won’t flicker like they do with other dimmers. You can gang up to four dimmers onto a single wall plate. 

This article outlines only a sample of the smart switches and dimmers available in the Lutron lighting family. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about your smart switch options for your New York home.