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How Best to Automate Your Motorized Shades

Integrate Lutron’s Smart Shades with Crestron for Unparalleled Home Control & Automation

No fully automated smart home would be complete without Lutron motorized shades, and if you are in Lake George or anywhere else in New York State, Hippo’s Home Entertainment can install them for you. We can also do a whole lot more, like automate lighting and shading through Crestron Home. And why exactly would you want to do that? 

Read on to learn how the combination of Lutron motorized shades and Crestron automation give you unparalleled control over your smart home. 


What to Look for in a Video Surveillance System

3 Essential Features You Want for Better Home Protection

Are all video surveillance systems alike? On the surface, they might share many of the same features. But there are significant differences that you should know about. Considering that many DIY surveillance cameras are available, you might be tempted to purchase one of these relatively low-cost solutions. 

But professionally configured and installed surveillance systems have some significant advantages. Keep reading so you can make an informed decision for your Saratoga, NY, home. 


Elevate Your Listening Experience with High-End Speakers

Speakers from KEF, Bowers and Wilkins, and Magnepan Let You Hear All the Nuance and Detail in Music

Some people are OK with listening to music on inexpensive headphones. Some rely on Bluetooth speakers or the convenience of Amazon Echo or Google Nest. Those are all expeditious choices, but if you’ve graduated from merely OK sound to desiring your music to be an experience, then you are ready for what high-end speakers can offer. Keep reading below to learn more about elevating the audio experience in your Latham, NY, home. 


Simplify Your Life with a Smart Home System

A Smart Home Should Make Things Easier

Are you often frustrated by technology? Unfortunately, many people are, including the tech-savvy. Part of the problem is that technology is integral to our daily lives yet has become increasingly complex. 

When it comes to smart home technology, we feel it should be simple. A smart home system should be easy to use with limited training, work reliably, and not make it more difficult to manage your home. Surprisingly, some solutions, especially DIY ones, fail to hit that mark. Here’s what you should expect from a smart home solution in your Albany, NY, home.


4 Ways to Control Your Smart Home

Control Your Home Your Way!

How would you like to manage your smart home? Some home automation solutions only give you one or two ways to control your smart devices and systems. Don’t settle for a few choices. Home automation is all about comfort, luxury, and convenience. And like your cake, you ought to get all that and enjoy it too! So let’s look at a few ways you can do smart home control in Saratoga, NY. 


How a Smart Office Can Improve Productivity

The Remote Work Experiment is Over – Now Let’s Get Down to Business

During the pandemic, employers sent millions of workers to log in from home to keep them healthy. Employers feared productivity would sink, teams would not talk, and revenue would tumble. But, they found a surprising result – some employees performed their jobs better at home.

The remote work experiment uncovered some truths about the office place, one being that employees were finding it difficult to focus on their work through the noise and traffic of the office. Some individuals prefer to work alone in a quieter location, such as their home.

Now that teams can work remotely, the next challenge is how to add comfort to that experience. Smart office technology can bring additional convenience and day-to-day efficiency to the home office. So why have a plain office in your Latham-area home when you can have a smart office?


Get Ready For Game Day With An Outdoor TV Installation

Entertain on your pool or patio with an outdoor entertainment system that responds to a tap

Are you ready to entertain as sports pick back up? Your outdoor living spaces are perfect for hosting game day parties with friends and family. So take the fun under the sun, whether you want to hang out by the grill or in the pool, and enjoy all of your favorite media with an outdoor TV installation! Our experts will help you transform your backyard into the perfect oasis for enjoying sports, movies, TV shows, and more.

Read on to discover why you should consider an outdoor TV installation in Albany, NY.


Why Install An Outdoor TV?

Some homeowners might be tempted to bring their indoor TV outside to enjoy their favorite entertainment under the sun. However, this will not work well and might even void your warranty! Indoor televisions are not built to deliver a bright enough picture to compete with direct or indirect sunlight. Therefore, when you try to watch a TV show outside, the image will be washed out, and glare will cover the screen. Indoor televisions are also not built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Common events like snow, rain, dust, wind, bugs, extreme temperatures, and more will likely cause your indoor TV to break down.

To enjoy entertainment outside, you need an outdoor TV installation. Outdoor TVs are bright enough to compete with the sun, leading to a crystal clear picture, and are built with IP-55 rated materials to allow them to withstand whatever mother nature throws at them.

Where Can I Install An Outdoor TV?

There are three main types of spaces where you can install an outdoor TV:

  • Shaded Areas: Porches or patios are a fantastic place for an outdoor television because they give you the closest experience to indoors, making them a more affordable option. Covered spaces offer more protection from elements like rain, snow, and wind. Séura’s Shade Series 2 model calibrates ambient outdoor lighting using anti-reflective and anti-glare glass.
  • Partially Shaded Areas: Some areas, like an uncovered patio, have high amounts of sunlight at certain times of the day but shade at others. As a result, they require televisions that can quickly adapt to different light levels. Séura’s models use Adaptive Picture Technology to optimize display settings as lighting conditions change automatically.
  • Sunlit Areas: Spaces that incur direct sunlight, like by the pool or in your yard, can also have outdoor televisions! Investing in a display crafted to operate in a bright and sometimes hot environment is important. Séura’s Full Sun Series offers 2000 nits of brightness and is crafted with durable materials to ensure a long lifespan.

Take the entertainment outdoors with a complete audio video system! From landscape speakers to outdoor displays, you can enjoy all of your favorite media under the sun. At Hippo’s, we are passionate about providing technology solutions that fill your life with luxury and convenience. Are you ready for better outdoor entertainment? Reach out to us to learn more!

Smart Thermostats Are The Ultimate Home Climate Control Solution

Take the Guesswork Out of Living Comfortably With Automation Technology

If you’ve ever had to get out of your cozy bed to turn down the thermostat a few degrees because you forgot to set it before heading to your bedroom, then this blog is for you. Or, if you’ve ever walked into your New York property after a vacation only to be hit with a wall of stagnant air once you stepped inside, you may be interested in scrolling below. 

For climate control solutions that help you avoid the situations described above, Hippo’s has an innovative home device that can make your living spaces more comfortable and convenient – smart thermostats! 

Keep reading below to learn how to incorporate these climate control devices into your Lake George-area property.


Add Drama and Flair to Your Home with Landscape Lighting

Don’t Let the Beauty of Your Property Go Unseen After Dark

You put significant time, money and effort into your home’s outside appearance. From the architecture to the manicured landscaping and specimen trees, your property stands out. But what happens after the sun goes down?

The beauty of many homes disappears after dark. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right landscape lighting plan, you can highlight your home’s best features at night, adding beauty, drama, and a healthy dose of safety as well. Hippo’s works with Coastal Source for landscape lighting that stands the test of time. Keep reading below for five ways to use Coastal Source landscape lighting to make your Latham, NY, home stand out elegantly in the night.


Take the Music Outside with an Outdoor Speaker System

The Sonance Landscape Series Transforms Your Outdoors with Audiophile-Worthy Sound

After a long winter in upstate New York, spring is in the air, and the sun hangs around much longer. That signals that it’s time to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake George and get outside. But you don’t have to go far to enjoy the outdoors; you can step out into your backyard!

If you have a patio, fireplace, or kitchen in your outside spaces, you’re ready to enjoy the warmer spring and summer seasons. But you should consider one more thing for the finishing touch – an outdoor speaker system. Music and audio bring a wealth of entertainment options to enjoy more time al fresco. Keep reading below to learn how to transform your outdoors with high fidelity sound from the Sonance Landscape Series.