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The Benefits of Smart Office Automation for Commercial Spaces

Learn How Your Office Space Can Work for Everyone Who Uses It!

Smart office automation offers cutting-edge technology that transforms regular workspaces into connected hubs. This revolutionary trend is reshaping how commercial spaces operate all over New York, bringing many benefits beyond mere convenience. 

Keep reading to explore the advantages of office automation and how it’s redefining the modern workplace for many Lake George businesses. 


Enjoy Effortless Living With a Smart Home Automation System

A Smart Home Defines Luxury Living

At Hippo’s, we’re committed to creating customized smart home automation systems that exceed our clients’ expectations. How do we accomplish this? As your local technology experts with almost 40 years of experience, we’ve developed long and trusted relations with industry leaders in New York’s Capital Region and beyond. From the latest home entertainment to exquisite motorized shades and today’s LED lighting design, we’re equipped with state-of-the-art solutions and the knowledge to ensure reliable and easy-to-use integration. 

One of the brands we call partners is Crestron, a smart home company that’s been in business for over 50 years, positioning itself as a global leader in luxury smart home automation. 

Let’s explore what they bring to the table and how, together, we’re transforming homes in Albany and the surrounding locations.


Bring the Entertainment Outside with an Outdoor TV

A TV Can Be the Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Hub

Winter weather might be a bit rough in upstate New York, but the glorious summers attract people from all over for the comfortable temperatures that make spending time outdoors an all-day pleasure. Those lucky enough to spend the summer in Albany want to maximize their time outdoors, and that includes relaxing with their favorite entertainment. An outdoor TV is the perfect way to bring your favorite audio and video outside, from sports to movies under the stars. Read more below to learn what an outdoor TV can bring to your space. 


Transform Your Lake George Retreat with the Magic of Outdoor Audio 

Experience a Symphony of Nature and Music with Sonance Outdoor Speakers

Imagine the gentle lapping of Lake George’s waters, the rustling leaves of the Adirondack Mountains, and your favorite tunes filling the air. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? If you’ve invested in creating a beautiful outdoor space at your New York home, why not take it to the next level with an outdoor audio system? An outdoor audio system can provide the soundtrack to your spring, summer, and fall days and nights, making your outdoor living spaces even more enjoyable.


5 Real Benefits of Installing Landscape Lighting 

Landscape Lighting Adds Curb Appeal, Safety, and More

The Lake George area is a beautiful place for homeowners who enjoy the stunning natural surroundings and the tranquility of the lake. Whether upstate New York is a seasonal home or your permanent residence, you can elevate your Lake George home’s appearance and functionality by installing landscape lighting. Let’s explore five benefits that make landscape lighting an intelligent choice for you and your family.


How Best to Automate Your Motorized Shades

Integrate Lutron’s Smart Shades with Crestron for Unparalleled Home Control & Automation

No fully automated smart home would be complete without Lutron motorized shades, and if you are in Lake George or anywhere else in New York State, Hippo’s Home Entertainment can install them for you. We can also do a whole lot more, like automate lighting and shading through Crestron Home. And why exactly would you want to do that? 

Read on to learn how the combination of Lutron motorized shades and Crestron automation give you unparalleled control over your smart home. 


What to Look for in a Video Surveillance System

3 Essential Features You Want for Better Home Protection

Are all video surveillance systems alike? On the surface, they might share many of the same features. But there are significant differences that you should know about. Considering that many DIY surveillance cameras are available, you might be tempted to purchase one of these relatively low-cost solutions. 

But professionally configured and installed surveillance systems have some significant advantages. Keep reading so you can make an informed decision for your Saratoga, NY, home. 


Elevate Your Listening Experience with High-End Speakers

Speakers from KEF, Bowers and Wilkins, and Magnepan Let You Hear All the Nuance and Detail in Music

Some people are OK with listening to music on inexpensive headphones. Some rely on Bluetooth speakers or the convenience of Amazon Echo or Google Nest. Those are all expeditious choices, but if you’ve graduated from merely OK sound to desiring your music to be an experience, then you are ready for what high-end speakers can offer. Keep reading below to learn more about elevating the audio experience in your Latham, NY, home. 


Simplify Your Life with a Smart Home System

A Smart Home Should Make Things Easier

Are you often frustrated by technology? Unfortunately, many people are, including the tech-savvy. Part of the problem is that technology is integral to our daily lives yet has become increasingly complex. 

When it comes to smart home technology, we feel it should be simple. A smart home system should be easy to use with limited training, work reliably, and not make it more difficult to manage your home. Surprisingly, some solutions, especially DIY ones, fail to hit that mark. Here’s what you should expect from a smart home solution in your Albany, NY, home.


4 Ways to Control Your Smart Home

Control Your Home Your Way!

How would you like to manage your smart home? Some home automation solutions only give you one or two ways to control your smart devices and systems. Don’t settle for a few choices. Home automation is all about comfort, luxury, and convenience. And like your cake, you ought to get all that and enjoy it too! So let’s look at a few ways you can do smart home control in Saratoga, NY.